Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Event: Book launch for Reform Without Justice (Oxford Press)@ NYU Dec 4, 6-8pm

Please attend as Lehman College's Alfonso Gonzales and distinguished panelists discuss Reform Without Justice: Latino Migrant Politics and the Homeland Security State this Wednesday Dec 4 from 6 to 8 pm at NYU at its official book launch. 

Moderated by Prof. Juan Flores

Panelists include: Prof. Cristina Beltran, Journalist and Author Juan Gonzalez, Prof. David Brotherton, and Communications Specialist Monica Novoa. 

Refreshments and wine will be served. 

This is what scholars and journalists are saying about RWJ!

"In his masterful work, Gonzales asks how the United States could have arrived at a plan for comprehensive immigration reform that fails to provide justice for migrants. He analyzes the larger structural forces at work and depicts the compelling voices of grassroots migrant activists. This is a must read."
–Renato I. Rosaldo, New York University
"Reform Without Justice is a timely and courageous text that should be required reading for scholars and activists alike. It is an important contribution and bravely offers the critical perspective necessary for the achievement of truly just and humane migration policy."
–Robyn Rodriguez, University of California, Davis
A riveting and groundbreaking account of the modern battle over U.S. immigration policy.
Alfonso Gonzales has not only managed to unravel the direct relationship between global
capitalism and massive Latino migration to this country, he has fashioned an illuminating
analysis of the internal class and racial conflicts that shaped the immigrant rights movement
over the past decade — between liberal establishment groups merely seeking immigration
reform and grassroots Latino leaders of a new human rights movement."
— Juan González, author of Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America

"Gonzales offers a powerful, passionate indictment of the homeland security state and the
bipartisan support responsible for its expansion, rebutting the 'common sense' logic that
criminalizes the undocumented and sanctions their suffering and exploitation. Arguing
that migrants are not only victims of state violence but also political actors and activists,
Reform Without Justice testifies to the democratic possibilities of Latino politics."
— Cristina Beltrán, author of The Trouble With Unity

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