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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Center for Comparative Immigration Studies Blog on Immigration Reform

As the full Senate begins debate on the comprehensive immigration reform bill, the CIR [Comprehensive Immigration Reform] 2013 Blog will continue to provide analyses of opposition and support among members of Congress – not just on the bill as a whole, but also on key amendments. Today, the Senate took its first vote on an amendment to S.744. In a post last month, the CIR 2013 Blog was able to predict today's vote within 94.7%. The CIR 2013 Blog also predicted a recent vote on an amendment to the DHS appropriations bill in the House within 97.3%.

The purpose of the CIR 2013 Blog is to provide scholars and the public with analyses that speak directly to the question of whether comprehensive immigration reform will pass in 2013. These analyses use social science research methods to answer practical, policy-relevant questions. Guest contributions have come from Wayne Cornelius, Latino Decisions, and the Bipartisan Policy Center. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Tom K. Wong (

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