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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Interested in NYC-LA Comparisons?

This event tomorrow may interest some of us, with Margaret Chin presenting on Chinese-American communities and Nancy Foner comparing NY and LA immigrant communities, among others. The books is edited by two CUNY professors. Here's the advert:

Please join us to celebrate the publication of:
New York and Los Angeles: The Uncertain Future 

Edited by David Halle and Andrew Beveridge
(Oxford University Press, May, 2013)

A Book Launch Celebration (panel discussion and reception)
Thursday, May 16, 5pm - 7pm
at the CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Avenue at 34th St. (sixth floor), New York, NY
Free and open to the public.  
Sam Roberts writes: One in eight Americans lives in metropolitan New York or Los Angeles, so exploring and comparing the regions is an instructive exercise in where the nation is heading. And in “New York and Los Angeles: The Uncertain Future” (Oxford University Press, $34.95), Andrew A. Beveridge and David Halle, sociology professors at Queens College and the University of California, Los Angeles, enlist experts from the social sciences to do just that.
Supplemented with comparative graphics, this comprehensive volume may be academic in tone but is informative and accessible to the lay reader…(Read the full article here.)
Read about:
  • A provocative examination into the causes behind NY’s plummeting crime rate and a comparison with LA’s police department.
  • An analysis of how race, more than class or income, is still the chief barrier to housing integration.
  • An assessment of city politics leading up to the mayoral race.
  • The latest Census and American Community Survey data.
  • And much more.
 (Available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other booksellers.)
Forum Participants to Include:
· Andrew Beveridge, Queens College/CUNY Graduate Center, and Sydney Beveridge,, “The Big Picture: Demographic and Other Changes.”
· Susan Fainstein, Harvard University "The New York and Los Angeles Economies from Boom to Crisis." (co-author David Gladstone)
· David Halle, UCLA, and Andrew Beveridge, “Financial and Economic Crisis and the Politics of Ongoing Dramas.” (co-author Andrew Beveridge)
· George Sweeting, New York Independent Budget Office, “New York City and Los Angeles: Taxes, Budgets, and Managing the Financial Crisis” (co-author Andrea Dineen)
· Jeffrey Fagan, Columbia Law School, “Policing, Crime and Legitimacy in New York and Los Angeles: The Social and Political Contexts of Two Historic Crime Declines.”  (co-author John MacDonald)
· Margaret Chin, Hunter College/CUNY Graduate Center, “The Transformation of Chinese American Communities: New York vs. Los Angeles” (co-authors Min Zhou and Rebecca Kim)
· Andrew Deener, University of Connecticut, “Planning Los Angeles: The Changing Politics of Neighborhood and Downtown Development”  (co-authors Steven P. Erie, Vladimir Kogan, and Forrest Stuart)
· Nancy Foner, Hunter College/CUNY Graduate Center, “New York and Los Angeles as Immigrant Destinations: Contrasts and Convergence.” (co-author Roger Waldinger)
· William Kornblum, CUNY Graduate Center, "A Land Ethic for the City of Water." (co-authors Kristen Van Hooreweghe and Steve Lang)
· Rick Bell, New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, "Los Angeles, Where Architecture Is At."

Other Book Topics and Contributors:
· International Trade Centers (Jameson W. Doig, Steven P. Erie, and Scott A. MacKenzie)
· Politics (John Mollenkopf and Raphael J. Sonenshein)
· Schools (Julia Wrigley)
· Housing (Ingrid Gould Ellen and Brendan O’Flaherty)
· Environmental Policy Change in Los Angeles (Martha Matsuoka and Robert Gottlieb)
· New York, LA, and Chicago as Depicted in Hit Movies (Eric Vanstrom, Jan Reiff, and Ted Nitschke)
· Nonprofit Organizations (Helmut K Anheier, David Howard, and Marcus Lam)  

We look forward to seeing you at the event. 

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