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Friday, May 3, 2013

American Immigration Council has started - a resource for and by folks interested in migration

The American Immigration Council has started a policy wiki called Part blog, part knowledge base, its mission is to collect, shape, and share the best thinking on the various issues included in immigration reform, as well as to promote a communications loop between those writing the policy and those with meaningful ideas on how to make it better. The audience for, are those who want to be directly engaged in the business of discussing, developing and refining policy but haven't necessarily had a platform to do so in the past.

They're hoping to have high-caliber commenters involved in the site sharing their research, ideas and practical knowledge of the immigration system. The conversation areas will not be ready for comment until we have a bill, but a couple topics are up including the “Economics of Immigration” as well as “Rhetoric.” All of the conversation topics can be viewed here:

Each of the sections will be moderated by subject-matter experts who will analyze and pose a range of questions emanating out of the bill. Take some time to make some substantive comments on the areas that most concern you.

The open and public nature of the wiki will allow for more inclusive feedback on the bill than has ever been seen before. This will enable American Immigration Council to to bring not only policy experts to comment on the new bill but other various stakeholders from different disciplines, including academics, immigration lawyers, service providers, and other outside-the-beltway perspectives. The wiki is an experiment but they think it could become the go-to source for up-to-the-minute immigration policy developments and a strong tool for crafting policy, not only this year but, in the years ahead.

THIS SITE WILL NOT BE A FREE FOR ALL! Dissent is fine, but hate speech and other unproductive comments will be filtered out.

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