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Sunday, March 10, 2013

SPIRE (Symposium on the Politics of Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity)

It's too late to submit a presentation but this still looks like a great event!

SPIRE's ambition is to facilitate a sustained communication and collaboration among scholars, particularly young scholars, doing cutting edge research in Race and Ethnic Politics in the United States. Foremost, the group will host a semi-annual, one-day conference at universities located on the East Coast.  We held our first meeting at Yale University in Fall 2012.  Our second meeting will be held at Rutgers University on May 10, 2013.

For the meeting at Rutgers, we will have a mix of presentations with some dedicated to research papers and others on research designs. In addition to paper and research design presentations, the meeting will include a roundtable dedicated to discussing publishing in the "Top 3 Journals" and top university presses. The panel will feature insights from senior faculty.

The conference itself is free. Those wishing to present papers or research designs should send a 500 word abstract of the project to Sophia Wallace at  We will start reviewing submitted abstracts on March 1st . Those wishing to attend the conference, but not present, should RSVP by April 1st at the following link (, so that we can get a head count for the meals throughout the day. We look forward to your submission.

Please see our website at for more details about SPIRE and to sign up for the listserv.

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