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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

models of integration and immigrant incorporation- Volume 10, Issue 3

This volume of the Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies focuses on "national models of citizenship" in immigrant integration and incorporation- a topic that has been debated a great deal in cross-national research. It does seem like a volume full of worthwhile and important readings if your interested in this debate. 

"The Heuristic Potential of National Models of Citizenship and Migrant Integration" edited by Ines Michalowski and Claudia Finotelli. This special issue aims to discuss and show, through specific case studies, if and how models can be studied and used effectively in international comparisons of immigrant integration, paying particular attention to conceptual clarity and methodological discipline in comparisons.

The individual papers in this special issue can be loosely grouped in two sections. Contributions in the first section investigate political processes either by studying the role that citizenship or state-church models play in policy-making processes, or by explaining whether and how policy models connect with political debates. The second cluster of contributions discusses the extent to which citizenship policy models can actually serve as an explanans for the social phenomena of immigrant integration. The results of this research point to policies' rather modest effects on social integration processes.

Taylor & Francis Online :: Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies - Volume 10, Issue 3

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