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Saturday, November 17, 2012

the new Immigration Research Initiative at the GC

Those who are familiar with the Graduate Center-CUNY are well aware of the strength of student and faculty in immigration research. In fact, many of the students have long felt that the Graduate Center should take greater advantage these strengths and create a research center specialized in immigration research. We often imagined that, given the nature of immigration and migration research, such a research center would reach across disciplines, countries, and theoretical paradigms to encompass numerous researchers with diverse interests interacting, sharing, and conducting research with broad implications. Actually, it was partly this vision that drove us to create the GC Immigration Working Group! We're thrilled to announce the creation of the Immigration Research Initiative! Unlike the GC Immigration Working Group, the Immigration Research Initiative is headed by faculty and helps to network or bring together different scholars researching varied facets of international migration including the reconfiguration of ethnic identities and comparative work across countries. The Immigration Research Initiative is still an "initiative" and not quite as fully formed as we hoped (no physical center yet), but we're excited and hope that it's a step in the right direction! Please visit their site!


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