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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Berkeley Population Center's immigration database up and running

This summer, the Berkeley Population Center worked hard to make the immigration statistical database easier to search and navigate.  Check it out!

What is the immigration data base?  Put together by Catherine Barry under a Pop Center grant to Irene Bloemraad, the database lists dozens and dozens of statistical datasets with immigration variables. Databases are categorized by topic (politics, health, etc.) and cover multiple regions and countries of the world, with significant depth in US-based datasets.  This is a great resource to learn about datasets you might not normally consider for your research, but which have key migration-related variables, such as country of birth, year of migration, etc.  As many of you know all too well, many surveys fail to capture such migration variables.

If you have additional datasets to add, or suggestions for improvements, please email me and Leora Lawton, Executive Director of the Pop Center, at

Please spread the word about this resource!

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