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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Immigration Conference @ John Jay College / March 22, 2012

The Center on Race, Crime and Justice at John Jay Collge is hosting a conference entitled, "Issues of Immigration in Criminal Justice Conference," on March 22, 2012.  We have secured a commitment from New York City Corrections Commissioner Dora Schriro to deliver the keynote address at the conference.  Dr. Schriro previously worked as a Special Advisor on immigration to the US Department of Homeland Security, in which capacity she produced a report on the nation's immigrant detention system.

Following is a link to the conference website, where you will be able to register:

The theme of the conference is The Criminalization of Immigration and Immigrants in Policy and Practice.  A specific aim of the conference is to provide policy makers, practitioners, journalists and advocates with exposure to the latest research on issues that directly affect their work, as well as the researchers pursuing it.  Please send this link to your colleagues.

Please register early, as space will be limited.

About the Conference

Economic anxiety and election-year rhetoric have had a startling effect on the American immigration debate.  This effect extends beyond the obvious political pandering of fanciful calls for electrified border fences, impacting public policy and the practice of immigration enforcement at both the state and federal levels.  While the discourse equating immigration with crime - and positioning immigrants as criminals - has a long history, the implications of criminalization in the era of mass incarceration and the culture of control remain significantly under-examined by the research community.  What effects have the recent record number of immigrant detentions and deportations had on immigrant communities?  How do the individuals caught up in this system experience it, and respond to it?  How are local law enforcement agencies across the country managing the new immigration enforcement duties imposed upon them by state law?  What similarities and differences exist in the way these dynamics take shape in destination countries across the Western world?

On March 22, 2012, John Jay College's Center on Race, Crime and Justice will bring the scholars who are beginning to examine these questions together with representatives from the public policy, practice, advocacy, and journalistic communities for its one-day interdisciplinary Issues of Immigration in Criminal Justice conference.  Featuring a keynote address from NYC Corrections Commissioner (and former Special Advisor on ICE and Detention & Removal for the Department of Homeland Security) Dora Schriro, and contributions from CUNY and John Jay faculty Robert Smith, David Brotherton, Diana Gordon, and Monica Varsanyi.

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