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Sunday, March 6, 2011

NYT: Proving Torture, to Help Win Asylum

A man from Mauritania sat stone-faced, cradling his head, which bore a scar that marked the spot where his master had gouged him with a piece of firewood, he told the doctor. A Congolese businessman showed a deformed knee that, to the doctor’s trained eye, indicated a forced fracture. And a man from Southeast Asia was sure that a mark on his lower torso was evidence of a beating with a bat, though a medical examination showed that it was a sign of a fungal infection. All three were sharing their scars and their stories with Dr. Ramin Asgary, director of the human rights program at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine , whose testimony and affidavits have played a crucial role in convincing immigration judges that people seeking asylum were victims of torture in their home countries. To Continue Reading

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