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Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet the World in Atlanta

I am the co-founger of an organization called Culture Connect, Inc. and we are producing an event, Meet the World in Atlanta, an evening of international cuisine, wine, trivia and a silent auction. Given your interest in immigration related issues, you may know some people in Atlanta who are interested in attending this event, or others who want to support the work of Culture Connect, Inc. Highlights of the event will include a spectacular buffet featuring foods from many restaurants representing 20 countries as well as wine, fellowship, and trivia.

About Culture Connect

Culture Connect develops cultural fluency among both immigrants and service providers to advance Atlanta as a flourishing internationally diverse community. Culture Connect was founded in 2005 as a nonprofit organization with the purpose of meeting the needs of immigrants and refugees and offering Americans and newcomers an opportunity to learn from one another and work together effectively.

Organizations like Culture Connect, Inc. are in light of the recent passage of an Arizona-style bill aimed at undocumented immigrants in need of even more support.

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