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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

greetings from Shirley

Hello there!

My name is Shirley, but you can call me Shir-Lo. (Maybe, one day, I'll tell you the origins of that name).

I'm in my second year of PhD studies in the criminal justice program. Initally interested in minority housing, my academic interest is now immigration and crime. There is a lot of rhetoric surrounding immigration these days, and my intention is to disspell much of the false notions and understandings regarding immigration. While xenophobia is not new in our country, the recent anti-immigrant sentiment has intrigued me, particularly from a policy perspective. It's actually pretty exciting, and I'm looking forward to debunking the many myths that are used as a platform to influence public sentiment against immigrants.

The criminal justice program is housed at John Jay College and so I don't spend too much time at the GC. Being a student in a satellite program makes it pretty hard to keep up with activities on "campus." I was very pleased when my boyfriend forwarded the email discussing the IWG. I immediately joined. This might sound corny, but I honestly feel like I am PART of something at the GC (**cue violin haha**).

So far the group has great plans to build a fancy (well, at least useful and informative) website, as well as organize a conference, and conduct other meetings in the near future. I'm looking forward to these and other collaborations, as well as brainstorming with my fellow IWG members!

Well, that's my short introduction. Stay tuned for more rantings of S H I R L O!

Until then...

Hasta la vista...BABY!

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